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The Amazons Album Review: Rock’s Breath of Fresh Air

The Amazons, indie rock group from Reading (consisting of front man Matt Thompson, guitarist Chris Alderton, bassist Elliot Briggs and drummer Joe Emmett) have released their debut album three years after their initial formation in 2014 and their debut release has all the qualities that a top indie album ought to have.

The opening track, entitled ‘Stay With Me’, is filled with a pulsating drum beat that makes for a truly fist pumping intro with the gradual crescendo throughout the song sounding similar to that of what you might hear on a Catfish & the Bottlemen album. ‘In My Mind’ and ‘Junk Food Forever’ are similar in terms of their guitar-work but the resemblances are by no means negative.

‘Raindrops’ is one of the few songs on the album which was not released as a single; this was perhaps done with good reason due to its largely poetic nature compared to other songs on the record. Lyrics such as ‘too many tears and the banks will begin to break’ and ‘too many roads which will take me down to hesitate,’ are both powerful and evocative while adding a much deserved touch of class.

Arguably the most well known song, ‘Black Magic’, has it all. The lyrics, guitar work and tempo change make it an exciting song to listen to, especially as the band will be later touring the UK in October. ‘Ultraviolet’, has also become a renowned record since its release as a single in 2015, with guitarist Chris Alderton taking centre stage with some near-memorizing solos. A darker twist follows on ‘Little Something’ as the intro would not sound out of place on a dystopian film, however, the more solemn mood keeps with the rest of the album’s high level of quality.

The final track, ‘Something in the Water’ is romantic and imaginative with lyrics such as ‘if I close my eyes and fall asleep, will I think about you?’; an idea I think would resonate with much of the audience. The Amazons have, however, left the best until last on this one. ‘Palace’ is a thing of beauty. The tranquil piano piece is perfectly accompanied by passionate lyrics: ‘Come on darling, show me what God made you for’ and ‘but you love it when he makes you cry’ are unique, emotional reflections of everyday life.

The Amazons are a band that have taken the world of indie by storm. They’ve given the music scene a breath of fresh air by revamping and romanticising classic rock sounds and I would recommend anyone to give them a listen as this is a band that is on the way up.

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