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Why Do We Continue to Pit Female Rappers Against Each Other?

Earlier in the month, hip-hop artist Noname released her second full length project, Room 25. Those familiar with her first mixtape, Telefone, will be excited to hear it delivered on the promises of quality it showed, featuring expertly crafted socially conscious lyrics over a wide

Ageism in musicians madonna

Ageism Is Affecting Our Musicians and We Need to Stop

If there’s no handbook on how to make it as an artist, there certainly isn’t one on how to age as a musician. Groups such as Pet Shop Boys and Blondie reached staggering international fame at the height of their careers, yet their contemporary releases

Dear Hollywood, Please Start Making Original Music Again

It is surprising that in Hollywood’s current climate of change, nostalgia is the most popular trend. When pay disparity and sexual harassment are at the forefront of conversation in popular culture, why are our screens filled with remnants of the past? As the entire industry

Why Don’t Festivals Encourage Rising Musicians?

Right now, music festivals are as big every member of The Strokes’ 2001 haircuts combined. On the face of it, that is a great thing (because who doesn’t love a early 00s mop?), but it is arguably causing problems for new bands of today’s music


How Post Malone is Killing the Rap Scene

In honour of Post Malone being Music Bloggery‘s artist of the month, we take a look at his rise to fame and how exactly his sound makes him so different to his predecessors.  Sitting in front of his four time platinum plaque for his debut


‘Joanne’ is the Lady Gaga the World Needs

Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two was released early September of last year as an accompaniment to the release of her album, Joanne. This was Lady Gaga’s bold, vulnerable move to show the world her new, stripped-down image. The old meat dress-wearing Gaga is gone and in her place is a new, mature, experienced woman who has a lot to show about the music industry and the struggles of the modern working woman.

Should We Bother Making Music Videos Anymore?

Music video channels almost used to be a part of growing up – you’d flick through with your friends, make fun of their outfits and sing along to your favourite tunes back in the day. But the slow death of music outlets (MTV being the most obvious example) is a reflection of how we no longer care about the visual extravaganza.