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First Look: Coldplay – ‘Princess Of China’ ft. Rihanna

When I first heard ‘Princess of China’ when it dropped earlier this week, I was surprised to find that Rihanna wasn’t using all her power to show-off her vocal range or to overpower the song. I thought that Chris Martin and Rihanna’s voice merge well together – you have the low bass tones of Martin with the background harmony of Rihanna.
However, when I first heard the two were collaborating, I was not too happy. Of course, Coldplay have always been an extremely popular, mainstream band. But when I heard that Rihanna, (some would say an even bigger R&B star) was featuring on the track I was slightly disappointed because to me, it shows that Coldplay are trying hard to reach a genre of music that just isn’t them, that they’re almost begging for new fans when they have millions already. There was really no need to stick Rihanna on the album. Oh wait, there was one reason – money.
The music video has sparked a lot of debate in the Twittershere, is this cultural appropriation or just PC gone mad? What do you guys think? For me, it seems a mish-mash of different stereotypes that just fails to achieve an end point.

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