For many of us the viral video of Fenton the dog chasing deer in Richmond Park was a brief moment in the vastly viral universe of the Internet. For four friends, it became inspiration for their new band, Chasing Deer, which draws its musical inspiration from David Bowie, Bastille and The Beatles.

Rob Hodkinson (vocals/keyboard), Peter Hyams (guitarist), Adam Biddlecombe (drums) and Pat Street (guitarist) first met in the West Midlands and have now expanded their reach into London where they perform regularly. Nowadays, the boys can also be found performing around Europe where they are slowly making an impact on the music scene with their unique sound. It’s no surprise that these guys are in such high demand; their music is fun and upbeat, combining a variety of musical styles with catchy, emphatic lyrics that resonate in your head long after the music has stopped.

The band works with a wide range of styles; while their debut single and much of their earlier work fits more into the rock genre, their newer singles veer more towards pop and indie. The impact of their inspirations such as Bowie can be seen in their willingness to experiment and evolve as musicians to create a unique sound. It is obvious that they cannot be put into a straightforward genre bracket and this is what makes this band such a welcome change in today’s formulaic music industry.

However, the appeal of Chasing Deer goes beyond their music. In today’s world of social media and the public image of a celebrity being intrinsic to their success, the band has found the formula that ensures they will go from success to success. They are passionately loyal to their fans. So much so that they ensure they release a new song on the last Friday of each month, which shows their dedication to their craft and the hard work they put in to ensure that they are constantly at their best. It is this hard work, talent and passion that have given them amazing opportunities such as opening for UB40 and The Wonderstuff.

Additionally, the group are working to bring awareness to important organisations with their collaboration with The British Deaf Association. The artwork for their songs depict the name of the song in sign language, and this can be seen in the artwork for their latest single which is signed by 3 year-old Ellie. Drummer Adam Biddlecombe’s mother teaches sign language so it gives each song a personal touch as well as spreading an important message about diversity in music. This month’s single, Another World, will was released Friday 27th April as part of their tradition of releasing singles at the end of every month.

The band has delivered yet another incredible song which boasts incredible vocals but also showcases their instrumental strengths, which can especially be heard in the middle of the song. The powerful instrumental interlude pulls together the beginning and the end of the song in a unique way, and highlights the band’s talent and ability to blend together multiple sounds to create one, cohesive, entertaining piece. In a time when catchiness often means sacrificing lyrics, the band manages to create an amalgamation of both. The beat of the song means you can jump around and dance to it, but the deep, personal lyrics allow for the song to have multiple layers.

It is clear from this single that their music is fun and entertaining but the boys are ensuring they are using their rising platform to bring awareness to an issue close to their hearts through their artistry. They are following in the footsteps of artists such as Kendrick Lamar who had an interpreter at Coachella last year, which has led to an increase in the number of artists who employ them at their performances. Artists such as these are vital to the endurance of the music industry; it is evolving to reflect the times that we live in of progression and inclusivity. They are using music not only to entertain but to inform and educate. I strongly encourage a listen, and look, to the work of this rising group.

Another World is available for streaming and download on Spotify now.

(Image: 2017 Krisztian Sipos Photography)