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Up and Coming: Rat Boy

You would hardly expect a boy sacked from serving raw burgers at Wetherspoon to be the next big thing, but surprisingly, Essex born Rat Boy is making quite a name for himself.

Sitting in a bathtub in an interview for MTV with just the right amount of teenage arrogance, a very chilled out 19 year old tells us how he was bullied in school for looking like a rat, and that was when Rat Boy was born. Losing his job at Spoons was his inspiration, as ‘Sign On’, a homage to the 90s, is an anthem for the disenfranchised youth (and surprisingly relatable to a soon to be unemployed graduate) which contemplates the moral dilemma of claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and startlingly reached no.1 on the UK vinyl singles chart.

He cites his inspirations as Jamie T, the Streets and the Beastie Boys to name a few, but his recent single ‘Move’ provides a refreshing revamp from his predecessors. A positively energising, upbeat song which no doubt does echo the Beastie Boys certainly shakes up the somewhat dying indie scene and makes a MOVE (see what I did there) towards a more exciting outlook for the future of indie music with a boyish overconfidence and creative talent that only Rat Boy himself can deliver.

Having only released five singles, and rocking up to DJ sets claiming only to have the free version of Spotify, Rat Boy is making an impact on the scene as he’s already won an NME award for best artist and is set to perform at both Y Not and Leeds festivals this year. I can see very big things for the future of this Soundcloud star, and his music is well worth listening to. Move out Jamie T, you’ve got strong competition.


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