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Watch Out, It’s Coming This Way! [Version One]

Hello to all you rock fans out there, wherever you are! You may be wondering where the album reviews are, but do not worry, need thou not be afraid. Instead of just supplying everyone with some stellar music reviews (if I do say so myself), I thought I’d do what I call ‘chopping it up’, and provide you with some brand new music recommended by me and that’s set to come on your radios and TV sets pretty sharpish. So, here it is!

This week saw the release of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds new single ‘If I Had a Gun…’. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds is Gallagher’s new project after the definate break up of Oasis. Personally, the fact that you’ve got your own name in your band’s title is a little pretentious and self-centered. Frankly, if he had just left the band title as High Flying Birds, it would have remained more poetic and mysterious.
The song itself is a beautiful melody perfect for a love song such as this. The intro itself has a ‘Wonderwall’ style riff, but when delving deeper into the song, the peaceful harmonies provide a subtle difference to the Oasis that we’re all familiar with. Oddly, one thing did catch my attention when listening to this song. Whenever I listen to a specific song, it tends to remind me of another song because of the striking similarities. When listening to this certain song, I was reminded of the Fool’s Gold track ‘Lantern’. These two songs both have a ridiculously similar sound, and both have a swaying, sombre melody that leaves the listener morbidly singing along towards the end (If you haven’t heard of Fool’s Gold, you should definitely do so now. We’ve reviewed their album, so give that a read and check it out.).
One distinctive aspect of the song is the lyrics. At times beautifully heartfelt and poetic, the lyrics marry well with the simple, slow riffs of the acoustic guitar. “Cause you’re the only God I’d ever need.” It’s a raw, emotional song, stripped of any convoluted meaning. However, the song doesn’t achieve complete poetic genius. One of the lyrics states “If I had a gun I’d shoot a hole into the sun, leave a burning city down for you”. Now I don’t know what your opinion is on that, but giving the one you love a burning city isn’t the loveliest of things. Yes, the meaning’s there, but I was just hoping that perhaps there would be more of a romantic metaphor.

So in summary, this is a song you better watch out for! It’s a song that you know will end up in some romantic comedy eventually, nevertheless, it’s a very good song, and you’ll most likely be hearing of it a lot more in the coming days.


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