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2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Drab or Fab?

In a special twist from my usual posts, I thought I’d write a little review of the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, considering it had tributes to vital aspects to the UK such as the National Health Service, the digital age, and the thing you came here to read about – music.

The musical tribute was led by some dancers in some quite unique outfits to say the least. However, as the dancers were doing their thing, music played in the background alongside music videos on the screen behind, spanning a range of eras. Songs such as ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘My Generation’ and ‘Tainted Love’ were among some of the great chart-toppers.

After honouring the years before us, when the present age had actually arrived, Dizzee Rascal popped up on stage and began to obviously mime the lyrics to ‘Bonkers’. Not something that tickled my fancy per se, but the crowd seemed to be amused.

Maybe the Queen and I were in the same boat because in the meme that is just about circulating everywhere, while this great spectacle is going around her, Her Majesty seems to be checking her nails! Pure brilliance.

Despite Dizzee’s underwhelming performance, the opening ceremony also had performances from Arctic Monkeys, and even the frontman for indie band Two Door Cinema Club, Alex Trimble (quite random if you ask me).

Moving away from the entertainment, the majority of the actual ceremony was filled with a brief history of England, illustrating how the country turned from marshland to an industrial country and from the war then on, complete with a respectful and well thought out moment of silence.

While it was a unique and artistic display of history, I felt that there was too many little things going on at once and not one big ‘wow’ factor that I found was at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Something was missing from this performance.

The whole thing was a pretty quaint spectacle, but it had an element lacking to make London stand out as host. We’ve seen fireworks a billion times, please give us something new! Rather than delivering a spectacle, it turned into a ceremony for showing off, as if Britain needed to prove it was more than just a tiny island.

One thought on “2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Drab or Fab?”

  1. Kristi says:

    Hm, it took me like 10 hours to do – which is kinda crazy considering how simple it is x) I'm glad you like it! I think it's nicer than the one before. It's cleaner and it loads quicker, that's for sure!

    I've been good! Have you been watching the Olympics? Oh, wait, you're in London, right? What's it like over there? :O

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