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10 Things NOT to Do at a Festival

After a rockin’ good time at Glasto, guest blogger Sarah Taylor warns us on what not to do if you don’t want to look like a loon this festival season.

1. Be a princess.

Its going to be muddy, you’re going to be dirty and you probably will smell terrible by the end of it. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can start enjoying yourself and having fun. Just remember, everyone else smells terrible too.


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2. Forget your wellies.

Although hilarious to watch that guy attempting to tackle two foot high walls of mud in converses, you do not want to be that guy. Wellies are an essential at a festival, don’t be the idiot without them.


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3. Treat it like a fashion show.

So many girls plan festival fashion down to the tiniest detail. Yes, get out your crop top, shorts, wellies combo, but remember you are going to get dirty and muddy and that hand-washable-Prada-vintage-one-of-a-kind piece just might not make it. Wear what you feel comfortable in; you’re here for the music not for the catwalk.



4. Bring 1,000,000,000 hair products.

I made this mistake. Before I went I honestly believed I was going to get in at least one wash, so brought along shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc… They all went home untouched. Save yourself the extra weight and leave them at home. Dry shampoo is the only thing you’ll really be needing if that!



5. Not plan for the excessive amount of walking/standing you will be doing.

My pedometer told me that I had walked over 20k per day! Your legs and feet start to ache, and standing up for a whole day will physically hurt by the end. Plan ahead, bring bin bags to sit on when the ground is wet, for an easy, light solution.



6. Expect there to be good toilets.

There aren’t.


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  7. Forget hand sanitiser.

The mud will get everywhere. And when you’re far away from a tap this will be an absolute life saver.


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8. Expect to get a good place if you’re not 2 hours early.

There’s nothing that someone who has been waiting at the front for 5 hours hates more than the last minute gang who all try to push through in a 17 people long chain. If you want a good place get there early, and if not accept the worse place in the crowd!



9. Bring too much to comfortably carry.

1 in 4 people leave their tent at Glastonbury. Bring less stuff and take it home! It’s a long walk from the car/bus to where you will camp, especially with 5 days worth of beer taped to your back, so make sure it is all manageable.


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10. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Glastonbury was one of the best weeks of my life, hopefully it will be yours too. Have a great time whichever festival you go to!




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