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Music Bloggery’s Song of the Week! [Version 3]

THE DRUMS ARE BACK! That’s right, you’re reading this correctly! After a three year absence in which guitarist Adam Kessler and drummer Connor Hanwick decided they wanted out, the original line-up are back (Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham) with their new single ‘Magic Mountain. Excuse my French, but this song kicks ass!

The song delves away from their sedated sound as it is much heavier on the guitar. Could this be the start of a more punk-rock angle from The Drums? Frontman Jonny Pierce stated that ‘Magic Mountain ‘is a sparkling reflection of our last three years. It’s about shedding off what binds you and protecting what’s good, finding a safe place away from everyone and everything that wants to destroy you’ and it feels like it with this track. I like that the band aren’t sticking to the same rigid style; they enjoy experimenting and venturing to new territories, which is what all great bands do. The single is a unique marriage of the guttural guitar alongside Jonny’s unique vocals and Music Bloggery wants to see more of this!

What do you think? Yay or nay? Check out the official music video below.

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