In September of 2013, my friends and I had a chance to see the Birmingham indie rockers Swim Deep on the last day of their tour in London. After waiting almost three hours to see this band (and stopping off for some KFC while we waited, mmm fried chicken), the doors had finally opened right in-front of us and we ran to the front of the barriers because we were keen little teenagers.

At 8pm the first warm-up band came on. Typically rock and roll, the Reading based rockers, Sundara Karma, calmly and coolly strode on stage, Fosters and all. Personally, if you like bands like The Drums, I think you’ll love this band. Reminiscent of Kings of Leon, they well and truly rocked the stage for the first hour although almost no-one from the audience had a clue who they were.

After Sundara Karma played their set, we were expected to wait even more for the SECOND warm-up band to come on which frankly was a little annoying. This was the much loved Wolf Alice, a more well-known band amongst the audience. After high expectations, I was kind of let down because lead singer’s (Ellie Rowsell) vocals were weak amongst the reverb of the instruments. So weak that I could barely tell what she was saying. Her sedate vocals were simply too overpowered by the rest of the sound. However, the crowd seemed to love it I guess!

After two warm up acts and restless moans from the crowd, we began chanting Swim Deep’s name as we anxiously awaited their arrival. It’s like we ushered them in, as shortly after our chanting they came on stage to the sound of our cheers. Austin’s (lead vocals and guitar) signature guitar looking colourful in the fluorescent lighting, Cavan (bass) and his golden locks glimmering in the shine of the disco ball above, all was right in the world.

They played all their tracks from the début album ‘Where the Heaven Are We’ (which you should give a listen to, by the way!) and a bouncy cover of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Towards the end all the warm up bands came on stage and lovebirds of the night, Ellie and Austin, broke into ‘Tassle Man’, a song created by the two. The mood was happy, chilled and crazy at the same time.

All in all, having been one of my first experiences at a concert, it was such a beautiful, relaxed vibe and I will savour every moment (awkward dancing and all).

To make it EVEN better, frontman of indie band Spector, Fred Macpherson, was there supporting his mates at the show and some of us even got a cheeky selfie which was really the icing on the pretty delicious cake (yay metaphors!).