I couldn’t be fucked to write this whole thing up and you probably won’t read the whole thing so here’s a summary of the gig in bullet points. Oh btw 5/5 gig.

  • Strange man with ginger hair comes out as an MC for the show, very annoying man but forces the audience to scream ‘for England’ and chants ‘fuck Boris’ several times before introducing Mac on stage.


  • Footage of British wrestlers plays in the background with arty paintings of wrestlers displayed high above the stage.


  • Mac comes out in light wash jeans, striped t-shirt and sunhat in true DeMarco style.


  • Swings microphone many times, does a rolly polly on stage followed by a handstand.


  • Claimed to be ill and might struggle to hit the high notes which was followed by a “must be my lifestyle choices”.


  • “I’m fucking sick, this is crazy man, wow”.


  • Guitar player encourages audience to vote in upcoming election followed by “you know who to vote for”.


  •  Cool guitar solo but strobe lights for 2 minutes gave me a headache.


  •  “This next song is written by J.K Rowling and it’s called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” *plays his own song*


  •  In between songs screams “I AM THE DEMON” before returning back into slow acoustic guitar.


  • Literally THROWS HIS GUITAR INTO THE AUDIENCE. Kicks amp and mic and leaves the stage.


  • “Thank you for coming, God bless. Give yourself a round of applause.”

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