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Queen Bey is the Queen for a Reason

Our lovely guest blogger Manuela Nkegbe looks back on a night with the one and only Queen Bey live at Wembley Stadium.

How can I sum up my Beyoncé experience in one word? You simply can’t!

Queen Bey showed up and showed out at the 90,000 capacity London venue on Saturday night (02/07/16). After waiting two hours (and that’s just when doors opened) to see the first supporting act, I’m not gonna lie, they were quite disappointing.

At around seven they started playing promo videos on the big screen, showcasing some of Beyoncé’s artists on her very own music production company, Parkwood Entertainment. Then a few minutes later, DJ Magnum was introduced to the stage. Let’s just say although he may have some A-list friends, his transitioning of songs was awful. I mean, dude went from Spice Girls, to Michael Jackson, to Justin Bieber, to Drake! It was something else…

However, his performance didn’t last too long. Tinie Tempah jumped on stage around half past seven but only actually performed two songs. The first one was not as well known as his other material (at least I didn’t know it), and then he performed ‘Girls’ with Zara Larsson on stage. He pretty much left after that.

We were expecting Beyoncé to be on stage at eight, but of course the Queen was late. While we were waiting they played background music which had an overpowering bass and poor sound quality. BUT, when the Queen graced the stage forty minutes later, you know her vocals were on point!

She opened up her performance with ‘Formation’ which got everyone up and ready. Her first word being “London..” was met with deafening screams and roars. It was amazing! All I can remember was everyone repeating her with “I slay, I slay, All day…”

She worked her way through Lemonade whilst also giving us hits from her previous four albums. Songs from ‘Dangerously In Love’, her first solo album, included ‘Me, Myself & I’, a ‘Crazy in Love’ mash-up with the Fifty Shades of Grey version and of course, the original! She also hit us with tunes from ‘B’day’ including ‘Irreplaceable’ and ‘Ring the Alarm’ which was played alongside ‘6 Inch’. Let’s not forget her Destiny’s Child hits such as ‘Survivor’ and ‘Independent Women’. She gave us more than we could handle!

It is important to know that whilst all this is going on, Beyoncé is dancing her arse off with her more upbeat songs like ‘Flawless’, ‘Sorry’, and ‘Baby Boy’. Her routine for ‘Freedom’ was the best with her water-infused choreography.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Even when she wasn’t dancing, she completely snatched our edges with her immaculate vocals especially with her performance of ‘Halo’ and ‘1+1’; it was sooo emotional!

She confessed that ‘All night’ was her favourite song from ‘Lemonade’ and how she had recorded it with her fans in mind. There was also the tribute to Prince given his recent passing. The whole stage was lit purple as she performed ‘The Beautiful Ones’ and as she left the stage for one of her numerous costume changes, ‘Purple Rain’ played in the background and added a humble touch to the concert.

One thing I have to add is that the visuals of Queen Bey’s performance were outstanding. She had interactive visuals with her live performance and clips from the visual album. She even revealed some touching personal videos of her life with Blue Ivy and Jay-Z, as well as clips from her past where we saw a sixteen-year-old Beyoncé Knowles reveal her new belly button piercing.

She played us out with confetti in the air as ‘Schoolin’ Life’ played in the background. All in all, it was an epic night! It was my first time seeing Beyoncé live despite my twenty years of existence, but it will definitely not be my last! Bow down bitches!


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