Sickly sweet lyrics and loud floral suits hide a dirty bass and sneaky innuendos from this three-piece London front. I joined Superbird’s set at the Old Queens Head in In Islington (28.11.19) to see if their live act matches up to their self-styled colourful pop-funk beats.

The band themselves seem quite new, having only really developed a social media presence as of this year. For such a short time, the band have already had great success, having worked with former Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox on the title track for the Sara Cox Show and making various festival appearances including the Isle of Wight festival earlier this year. During the day, drummer Alex Ash is a crew member for Good Morning Britain and very cleverly managed to get Superbird some airtime by way of a little shout-out; something other struggling musicians could only dream of. If it’s not what you know but who you know, these guys are certainly taking a step in the right direction and using innovative ways to get heard. Kudos!

As the band walks on stage, you can’t miss frontman Joe Finnigan’s dazzling cheetah print suede boots and matching shirt paired quite uniquely with Ash’s silk blue floral suit. Opening the set with ‘Super Superior’, a millennial indie pop ballad with a bangin’ slap bass, Superbird sends a message to anyone who stumbled across this gig on a cold Thursday evening – they are loud, proud and eager to spread their positive vibes to anyone who will listen to them. This peaks with their lead track ‘Cola Bottle Fizz’ in which Finnigan throws mini Haribo cola bottles to the audience which provides a kitschy yet quaint touch. Cola bottles are objectively the best kind of Haribo so we’ll let it slide this time.

Although the set itself was short yet sweet, clocking in at a mere 45 minutes, the audience was enamoured throughout and it was hard not to find yourself swaying along to the marriage of heavy punk rock vocals combined with complex bass lines and guitar solos.

Even though their name sounds like it was created by a 12-year-old with a false sense of optimism, you can’t help but be drawn to these guys. In a world where Trump is president and the world as we know is deteriorating day by day, it feels like we need less Lana Del Reys and Billie Eilishs but more bands like Superbird who are unafraid to spread positivity without fear of acting ‘uncool’. These guys are unashamedly themselves which in my opinion, makes for the best kind of music. Not only are the band clear in who they are, but having looked at their trajectory thus far in only the space of a year, Music Bloggery has these guys pegged for greatness.     

Superbird’s latest single ‘Think You Got Me’ is available on YouTube and Spotify now.