Twin Berlin, the Boston based indie, alternative rock band have hit the scenes once more with the release of their new EP, ‘There Goes My Virtue’. With a band comprising of three members, Matt Lopez (vocals/guitar), Sean O’Neil (bass) and James Janocha (drums), their latest 2012 release sees the band not only gaining a whole lot more recognition, but also a more experimental, indie sound. The band were lucky enough to get Travis Barker (drummer for the punk rock band Blink-182) to produce and record the EP as well as the late Mikey Welsh from alternative band Weezer creating the artwork for the band, which is quite amazing and will definitely help to get more recognition in the long run.

I personally like the artwork as I feel it is colourful and quirky, which is completely different to the bands’ previous albums, such as ‘Youth Scenes, which were much more darker in both colour and sound. I actually like the way that the brightness of the artwork contrasts with the theme. For example, when listening to this album, I got the feeling that the theme is quite negative. Just reading the titles of the song gives the jig up. Songs likeDon’t Hang Around and ‘Give Up On Mearen’t necessarily about frolicking through the meadows on a bright summers day.

The fast-paced rhythms and repetitive hooks are very effective and it’s not long until these songs have wormed their way into your head. While the first two songs on the EP are The Strokes meet Jet, the latter song has a slightly different sound. The intro has a slightly ambiguous feel to it as the guitar starts up and the bass joins in a few seconds later.

Music Bloggery Recommends: ‘Can’t Take, Take, Take’, ‘Don’t Hang Around’ and ‘Give Up On Me’