Fool’s Gold are a fairly new Los Angeles based indie band emerging to the music scene in 2009, with the release of their debut album also of the same name. Earlier this year saw the release of ‘Leave No Trace’, one of their stellar achievements to date. Although I have not had a chance to listen to their previous album and therefore cannot compare the two, I believe this album is an amazing array of genres.

What Fool’s Gold are best at doing is creating a great fusion of Western 80’s pop styles and African melodies and rhythms. I was lucky enough to see them back in November when they were warming up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and they were brilliant! Their interaction with the audience and clap-forcing beats made every aspect of the concert phenomenal. Also, it surprised me how humble and modest they are, because they acknowledged my constant screaming by waving at me!  *fangirls*

When you first listen to this album, you’ll be blown away by the amazing variation of their music. From memorable guitar riffs in songs like ‘Leave No Trace’, to sharp harmonies in songs like ‘Street Clothes’, it all works so well. The mesmerising riffs of Lewis Pesacov (guitarist) and intoxicating vocals of Luke Top are a force not to be reckoned with. The swerving range of vocals and guitar melodies float away with the listener and as cliche as it sounds, makes you feel at one with the music. Each song is a new melody and rhythm and doesn’t sound like it’s predecessor.

One of the songs, ‘Tel Aviv’, is spoken in Hebrew and constantly alternates to English. Personally, I love the fact that Top chose to do this, it just shows how proud he is about his roots and is not afraid to hide it! It offers something new and interesting to the listener and this almost epitomises the meaning of Fool’s Gold. The theme of this album is quite an upbeat, lively one. All the songs make you want to get up and dance without even trying. I personally like how there is one exception to the theme. The song ‘Lantern’ is a peaceful, arms-in-the-air, ballad type song, without going over the top. I think it’s a really beautiful song that shows another side of this mysterious band.

From an indie band, you would expect the lyrics to be somewhat inconsistent and of a simple style. However, Fool’s Gold create a feeling of meaning that other bands lack. My personal favourite lyric is from the song ‘Wild Window’, that says: “no, you have not ruined me yet, despite all your best efforts.” It’s a complete ‘you won’t knock me down’ song.

Therefore, for the reasons given, this is why I’m giving Leave No Trace 5/5 stars. This is only their second album, and you can tell that they have got so much more to give, and I can’t wait! I’m definitely not psychic, but I can tell that this band are going to achieve fame pretty soon.

Music Bloggery Recommends: ‘Wild Window’, ‘Leave No Trace’, ‘Narrow Sun’, ‘Tel Aviv’, ‘Mammal’ and ‘Balmy’